Protect Your Water

The Village of Vicksburg is committed to providing a safe water system.  Click on the links below for further information and learn how you can Protect Your Water.

Abandoned Wells (How to Identify and What To Do):  Abandoned Wells

A Citizen’s Guide to Auto & Boat Care:  A Citizen Guide for Boat and Auto Care

A Citizen’s Guide to Native Landscaping:  A Citizen Guide for Native Landscaping

A Citizen’s Guide to Cold Weather Practices A Citizen Guide for Cold Weather Practices

Consumer Confidence Drinking Water Quality Report:  CCR 2013; CCR2014; CCR 2015

Household Hazardous Waste:  Citizens Guide to Household Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardous Waste (How to Dispose of Items):  Dispose of Household Waste – Updated October 2014

Illicit Discharge Educational Information:  KzoWater Illicit Discharge Brochure 2013

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Initiative:  Storm Water Prevention Initiative Final Report August 2012

Wellhead Protection Program Plan:  2012-09 Vicksburg Wellhead Protection Plan

Wellhead Protection Area Map:  WHP Area Map

Wellhead Protection 2016-2017 Program

2016 – 2017 – 1st Quarter Report – Vicksburg WHPP

2016 – 2017 – 2nd Quarter Report – Vicksburg WHPP

Wellhead Protection 2015-2016 Program






Wellhead Protection 2014-2015 Program:

2014-2015 WHPP 1st Qtr Report

2014-2015 WHPP 2nd Qtr Report

2014-2015 WHPP 3rd Qtr Report

4th Quarter Report – WHPP

2014-2015 WHPP Annual Report – Vicksburg

Wellhead Protection 2013-2014 Program:

2013-2014 WHPP 1st Qtr Report

2013-2014 WHPP 2nd Qtr Report

2013 -2014 WHPP 3rd Qtr Report

2013-2014 WHPP 4th Qtr Report

2013-2014 WHPP Annual Report – Vicksburg

2015 Drinking Water Quality Report

2015 Drinking Water Quality Report

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